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Sales tech won’t work without a digital culture

Unless your business has digital culture at its core, sales technologies will never be used to their full potential

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What does the future factory look like?

Modern factories, introducing new technologies, are blazing a trail for the manufacturing environment of the future where workers collaborate with intelligent machines

Computer Weekly

The rise of DevSecOps

The increasing complexity of security threats facing enterprises is leading to DevSecOps approaches, which combine operations and development with security, so that all business units are involved in security operations

The CEO Magazine

Do you need a Chief AI Officer?

Artificial intelligence has quickly gone from a buzzword to a revolutionary force in businesses across virtually all sectors, but major challenges are set to hamper the full innovative potential of advanced AI solutions.

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How five brands learned from digital transformation failure

Prominent failures to implement digital transformation provide lessons in how to avoid potential pitfalls

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How contech is taking construction into the future

Construction technology is on the cusp of transforming the industry into a digital-first enterprise