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Raconteur/The Times

Why breaking down legacy data silos is business-critical

The task of breaking down data silos may seem time-consuming, complex and expensive, but letting disparate legacy systems atrophy in isolation is likely to prove costlier in the longer term

Raconteur/The Times

The rise of crypto loans: should traditional lenders be worried?

A combination of increasing crypto adoption and growing interest means cryptocurrency-backed loans are quickly becoming a genuine alternative to conventional banks

Computer Weekly

The rise of DevSecOps

The increasing complexity of security threats facing enterprises is leading to DevSecOps approaches, which combine operations and development with security, so that all business units are involved in security operations

The CEO Magazine

How microlearning can unlock your employees’ potential

Outdated learning experiences are being left behind by more effective microlearning offerings, where learners are in the driving seat


Online presence: The new frontier for UK accountants

Distinctive and innovative websites play a crucial role in positioning accountancy firms as trusted leaders in the digital age

Next City

In An Era Of Data Sharing, Can A Real Sanctuary City Exist?

As cities increasingly adopt “smart” technologies, immigrant communities are left vulnerable