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Berlin's LGBTQ refugee center a haven for those fleeing civil war, homophobia

When gay refugees are placed in mainstream shelters, they often face the same discrimination and homophobia they were trying to escape in their home countries


Meet the ‘Angels’ Keeping London’s Gay Nightlife Scene Safe

Run by the LGBT Foundation and Westminster City Council, Soho Angels volunteers help people to party and get home safely


Frustration drives trans consumers to create sell-out brands

Using appropriate gender pronouns, not asking invasive questions and being aware of sensitive areas of conversation are basic requirements for businesses serving trans consumers

NBC News

From Rio to Orlando, self-defense classes are catering to LGBTQ people

LGBTQ people face a heightened risk of hate violence, and this is part of the reason martial arts studios are tailoring classes to their specific needs.


Iran’s Persecuted LGBTQ Community Seeks Refuge Online

Despite pressure, discrimination, and persecution from one of the most repressive regimes in the world, Iran’s vibrant LGBTQ community has survived, buoyed by a network of citizens and dedicated expats.


How coronavirus has amplified LGBTQ+ mental health inequalities

"I am queer, black and disabled, and I am really worried about the health inequalities I will face if I get ill. I do not want to die because of structural oppressions."